What we strive to be...

Dan Bartlett

I have worked in the towing business for the past 11 years. I was trained at AAA of Washington Fleet in Seattle and continued my work for a contractor of AAA in Burien before breaking out on my own by starting Mohawk Towing.

Brittany Bartlett

Dan may be the operations expert when it comes to towing, but I am the brains of the business. I make sure all the bills get paid and the trucks stay on the road. Before starting Mohawk Towing I was in the construction management business which helped prepare me for managing budgets, as well as people. I'm looking forward to growing this company into a thriving business with excellent employees that are well taken care of.

Although we have only been in business since 2011, we have set out clear goals for ourselves and are well on our way to achieving them.

Our five year goals include the following
  • Have at least 30 contracts with local dealerships, repair and body shops and other ongoing business partners
  • Have at least 3 trucks running with no less than two employees, providing full benefits
  • Become an RTTO (Registered Tow Truck Operator) which includes having a yard to store vehicles
Our ten year goals include the following
  • Have enough private contracts to commit 2 full time drivers/trucks to servicing
  • Have at least 7 trucks running with one Class C truck for large commercial vehicle recoveries
  • Have enough business to employ full time office staff and dispatchers
We are well on our way to meeting all these goals with the purchase of a second tow truck in early 2014.

We are committed to provide above average service, no matter the circumstances. Our philosophy is: leave every customer with a smile on their face and nothing but praises to say about you... even if that requires a good joke or a hug to accomplish.

We are excited to see where this year takes us!